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Private contractor running service sent email to applicants containing more than 170 email…

Quantum Computing China Stealing Data

MI6 chief Richard Moore said that China, Russia, Iran and international terrorism make up the “big four” security issues facing Britain’s spies. IT industry sources say China may increasingly look to steal sensitive, encrypted data in hopes of decrypting it with quantum computing technology in the years ahead.

Cloud Connect Options

Many Cloud Connectivity Providers (CCPs) have a multitude of options available when it comes to cloud connectivity, however, the complete lack of industry standards and often confusing terminology can make things rather difficult to understand. Do you know the difference between cloud connect, IP connect, direct connect, dedicated interconnect, fast connect or direct link? Are there any differences?

Huawei Cloud

Huawei is focusing on its budding cloud business, which still has access to US chips despite the sanctions against the company, to deliver profits. The Chinese group’s cloud computing business, which sells computing power and storage to companies, including giving them access to AI, is far behind Alibaba and Tencent, the market leaders in China.


Microsoft Security have issued a detailed report on a massive phishing-as-a-service operation named BulletProofLink that offered as a subscription all the tools needed to conduct a campaign. The phishing-as-a-service, or PHaaS, model differs from the phishing kits that many gangs have used in that it is more expansive and handles many of the small details that could befuddle a less tech-savvy attacker.


A Nigeria-based ransomware gang is conducting a campaign that dangles a $1 million bribe – or a portion of any ransom collected – to employees of targeted organisations if they will install DemonWare ransomware on their corporate network.


Microsoft has indefinitely postponed plans to bring workers back to its US offices, making it one of the first high-profile companies to scrap a definitive return-to-office date because of uncertainties created by the continued spread of COVID-19.

Unsecured Database

Security researcher Bob Diachenko has discovered an unsecured database containing personal information of 106 million foreign nationals who have visited Thailand in the past decade.

Windows 11

The days when we would be energised by a new Windows operating system launch are long gone, but Microsoft’s Surface hardware announcements today could create a frisson of excitement around the Windows 11 debut.

Biden Ransomware

The US Treasury Department is set to announce sanctions and similar guidance designed to disrupt the financial infrastructure that has enabled ransomware attacks. The agency is considering levying fines and other penalties on businesses that cooperate with hackers – including exchanges and mixer services that may allow cybercriminals to launder illicit funds.